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Cairo Trade Co. For Feeding Factories Process & Poultry Farms

A group of the most important and strongest support for the Egyptian economy areas the company contributes to the development and rebuilt properly in line with local market requirements, and because the poultry industry as a whole is currently the basic foundation to support and stimulate the Egyptian economy and the fight against price rises, so we seek to support investors means available to us from modern technology provided by the company to be able to provide the amount of the product fit the needs of the consumer and also make a reasonable profit ensures continuity in the investment in the Egyptian market

Cairo Trade Services


Poultry Feed and Biomass Processing Equipments


Automatic poultry farms requirements


Automatic Machines for Incubating and Hatching


Poultry Feed and Biomass Processing Equipments


Automatic poultry farms requirements of various types with the highest sales rate in the world, gathered under one roof to allow customers the choice

Previous Job

Is one of the most important reasons and the clearest evidence of the success of any organization and scale arrival of the best satisfactory results and the achievement of the ambitious plan drawn is a former business especially if the former included many businesses and customers inside and outside Egypt, where brands and different models include both in the country of manufacture or multiple energies, which are commensurate with possibilities and customer needs so we offer the most important work we have done on the ground at home and abroad until he is certain the investor completely that it deals with the best Egyptian Organization can project implementation efficiency desired by and within the limits of physical potential available and this is because of the great diversity of brands, which allows us a good plan for each client

  • Cairo Trade Group

    At 2005 a team of experienced members has established Cairo Trade Company. It was one of the best teams in the field of import & export , manufacturing , training , fixing , and operating poultry houses and feed processing. Cairo Trade company now has many exclusive agencies for most important companies all over the world and now It is involved in many great projects for the Egyptian government that reinforcing the Egyptian Economy

  • Vision and Mission

    To be the fisrt Company in the whole Arab world that offers extraordinary services both before and after sales by its customers to give economical Innovative solutions to provide them with knowledge and experience to get the best results

  • Expectations and Wishes

    Egyptian thought which is heading towards the production, manufacturing, and export abroad, and we are never still importers and consumers of products for global markets

The company participates each year in a number of different major international exhibitions inside and outside Egypt specialized in the areas of the poultry and feed industry, as you visit the many exhibitions in various countries around the world

Exclusive Agents