Origin: Brazil

Specialty : Machine Wood Chips

 Authorized distributor for Middle east and Africa : Cairo Trade Group

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Fortex Metallurgical Industry Ltda


Pioneer and leader in the wood shavings segment, Fortex today has a line of products that satisfies all our customers, showing trustworthiness and prestige in the wood shaving industrialization market.

Fortex plainas para Maravalhas


The Company is located in a privileged place, once that the access is 100 meters far from RS 324 road, and with excellent structure for entrance and exit of vehicles and trucks.

Plaina para fabricaç?o de Maravalhas     Plaina para fabricaç?o de Maravalhas       Plaina para fabricaç?o de Maravalhas

The total area is of 4.674,90 m2, with 2.600 m2 of covered area, and stone pavement in all its extension, wide rooms for supply distribution, being the internal installations and disposal of the machines excellent, which facilitates the execution of the projects and requested services.

Everything is disposed perfectly to make the human work easier.

Discover What Fortex Can Make For You

  • Wood Shavings Mills
  • Wood Shaving Dryers
  • Press Ballers
  • Dust Exhaust Fan
  • Transport Mats
  • Machinery and Equipment Development
  • Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
  • Elaboration of Projects for Companies
  • In each technical department, as for example in the sectors of Mechanics, Maintenance of Machines and Equipment, Analysis of Technical Drawings and Mechanical Engineering , among others, we have experienced professionals, with excellence in quality of work and training.

You it will be able to get better details of our products in the products section of this page.

Our Vision

To be best, the greater and the most qualified company in the branch of planers and wood shaving driers.

Our Mission

To be in the leadership position in the wood shaving branch , offering quality and focusing on the satisfaction of our customers.


Investing in the quality of life of our employees makes us believe that the great potential of the competitiveness is based in the human being.

Our work is made with enthusiasm, applying constantly the total quality concepts and methodologies.

With great perspectives in the international market, Fortex is well known and requested in Brazil and abroad.

Tradition and quality are our references. Make part also of this history of Success!

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