Origin : Germany

Specialty : Poultry Farm Equipment

Authorized distributor for Middle east and Africa : Cairo Trade Group

About the company

When Ludwig Bening founded his engineering company on 15 May 1949 in Barnstorf, he could not have guessed that 65 years later the name LUBING (derived from the first and last name of the mechanical engineer), would have a worldwide reputation among breeding and livestock farmers, and be synonymous for highly specialized Drinking-, Conveyor- and Climate-Systems.


LUBING is regarded as a market leader and is always striving to meet the high expectations with its qualified staff, continuous high quality and trend-setting innovations. Ten subsidiaries and 34 representative agencies abroad speak for themselves, as well as the fact that the former three-man business enterprise now has approx. 180 employees in Germany alone.

LUBING produced the first nipple drinkers for laying hens and pigs in 1967. In the years to follow the production of Drinking-Systems for poultry and pigs was expanded and automated. The combinipple with its plastic housing was developed and patented.

In 1971, the first representative agency abroad was authorized in France and finally, on 1 September, the company LUBING Int. SARL with French and German shareholding was founded. LUBING companies were also established in England and Spain in 1976. In addition, the production of cross-conveyor systems for the conveying of eggs was started and with that the company’s second large area of production.

In October 1977, the subsidiary BARKU Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Barnstorf.  From then on all pipes, profiles and component parts for the LUBING group were produced in-house. The 1980s saw a steady growth in exports to the United States, Australia and Arab countries.

In 1986, LUBING expanded into the production of floor watering systems and two years later LUBING Systems Corp. was founded in the United States (Woodstock). In 1993 LUBING China was founded; one year later LUBING System SRL in Italy and in 1995, the first production joint venture was set up in India (Puna), leading to the establishment of LUBING Systems PVT Ltd.

In 1996, the LUBING TOP-Climate-System was developed as the company’s third area of production.  In 1998 LUBING Mexico SA was founded in Leon. With the 50th anniversary celebrations in October 1999, the production facilities “Am Kampe 60” were extended by another 2,500 square metres and now house the complete production operation. In addition, a new administration building was built and a “Research Centre” was established. Besides the construction and development department, it houses a big showroom, where customers can get information about all the product lines.

In the following years the company continued to expand. New product developments such as the steep conveyor and the “Optima” pressure regulator were added to the company’s range.

In 2009, 60 years after the founding of the company, the 400 millionth nipple drinker was produced. Apart from the big anniversary celebrations, the second LUBING agents’ meeting also took place during this year. On this occasion LUBING agents from over the whole world met in Barnstorf to receive information about product improvements and to exchange experiences.


Future prospects

LUBING has been synonymous for innovation and quality for 65 years and has proven this time and again: Most recently with the award-winning TwinClean Line drinking system line and the CombiMaster nipple. In 2010, the company premises at the head office in Barnstorf were again expanded by adding a hall to match warehouse and production capacity to current customer demands. The Research Center with 650 m² for 10 offices and 2 meeting rooms was completed and occupied in early 2013. Again in 2014 a new building (Hall 6: 90 x 30 m) will be build.

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