Origin: Italy

Specialty : Heating Farms and Greenhouses

Agent in the Middle East and Africa : Cairo Trade Group

About the Company

Heating, and ventilation equipment manufacture and supply in the agricultural, breeding and industrial sectors, find an ideal partner in Mabre.

A company that has always worked hard on the way of innovation and improvement of its products, thanks to the constant attention paid to the feedback end the reaction from customers all over the world, Mabre is able to meet the most different technical requirements due to the most different climatic and environmental conditions in which its products were used.


Use of the best materials available on the world market, extensive automation in the component production, quality control in all phases of the manufacturing process with final testing of our products performance, make Mabre a brand that guarantees high and constant quality and reliability.

High performance, reliability and wide range of products exported all over the world are Mabre prerogatives.

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