Origin : Poland

Specialty : Feed and Biomass Equipment’s

Agent in the Middle East and Africa : Cairo Trade Group

About the Company

Nawrocki – Pelleting Technologies you can rely on.

We started our adventure with pelleting over 40 years ago when our constructors designed the first Polish pellet mills.
The present models are a result of decades of experience due to which we can produce pellet mills whose parametres and quality are defined by the leaders of our branch. We offer two pelleting lines: for feeds and biomass. They are designed so as to reach the highest capacity and to reduce the costs of energy and production. We concentrate on maximal extending of the life span by applying many mechanical and electrical/electronic solutions, including  appropriate maintenance.
Low production costs and the best standard equipment of pellet mills were an extremely important construction criterion. Therefore, the basic price of a pellet mill includes a complete mechanical equipment – just turn on the power and automatic system to start. You do not have to buy any additional parts. All this you can get at a very attractive price.
You are invited to know our offer. You will not find there hundreds of products but the item you are looking for: your pellet mills – it is our specialization.

On behalf of the Nawrocki – P&B – Pelleting Technologies
Paweł Nawrocki
President of the Board

Your economical advantages are the most important

Nawrocki’s solutions concentrate on making your profits as high as possible by increasing capacity and reducing breakdowns caused by variable raw material or operators’ errors.  The reliability of our machines means more working hours per year, higher production values and lower unit costs. In this way you  increase your profits and have your investment reimbursed.

Here are the advantages of our technologies:

  • high capacity,
  • good ratio of power intake to capacity,
  • exceptionally simple service and cheap maintenance,
  • precise integration with the system of automatic work control,
  • reduced number of breakdowns caused by bad-quality raw material,
  • minimization of breakdowns caused by wrong service,
  • possibility of adapting technologies for the present buildings.

We put emphasis on reliable adjustment of our technologies to your needs. It is worth investing in our technologies. This is what makes us competitive.

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