Siam Water Flame

Origin : Thailand

Specialty : Electrical Control Panels

Agent in the Middle East and Africa : Cairo Trade Group

About the Company

Siam Water Flame is fundamentally an Innovated-based company since 1998. We provide advance technology for gas applications and relevant industry. Our success begins with our ability to apply our technologies – often in combination with real-world customer needs. Siam Water Flame serves customers through three business segments, – Gas generator, farm and automatic and jewelry equipment which increase speed and efficiency by sharing technological, manufacturing, marketing and other resources.


Why choose us

Customize solution for each individual customer and deliver to them the maximum service value with our patient, passion and professional. Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service. And also Respect our social and physical environment around the world.

Our partners

  • Department of Export Promotion Ministry of Commerce, Thai Government
  • National Science and Technology Development Agency
  • National Innovation Agency Ministry of Science and Technology
  • The Thailand Research Fund
  • Office of the National Research Council of Thailand

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