Origin : Turkey

Specialty : Feed and Biomass Equipment’s

Agent in the Middle East and Africa : Cairo Trade Group

About the Company

Yemsa mill machinery and machinery for fodder production and marketing industry has been operating.

Our company, Feed Mill Machinery and customer expectations, provide the best service in the field of machinery manufacturing, developing manufacturing machinery and equipment sector, the need for our products, ” Yemsa Makuna ” quality was the most economical way to respond. Across our country, ” Yemsa Makuna ” with the label of our products, our company has become the pride. So far we have delivered products on our customers, our happiness has been pleased.

خط انتاج علف دواجن تركي

Establishment ever evolving and growing our machinery, technical, and neither of you, with our team of experts in customer service.

Necessary to fulfill their commitments on time and complete with crew and equipment, our company always aims at the continuous raising of offering the best service and customer satisfaction.

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